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SIGIL SCENT's unisex fragrances and body care products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. Instead, they're brimming with the energy of real flowers and plants. We never compromise on natural: we choose only organic, wildcrafted, and sustainable materials for use in our products.

Our 100% plant-based, long-wearing perfumes and body care products are hand blended and poured in small batches. Each scent tells a story: an intention, a moment alone in nature, to be remembered with every application.


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Why "Sigil"?

A sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; from Latin sigillum or "seal") is a unique symbol, infused with personal meaning. In modern usage, a sigil is designed to channel its creator's intentions and aspirations.

Each of our fragrances is designated by a special symbology—a sigil and a color, so you can choose by scent, or by intent. This creative application of an age-old esoteric tradition imparts a feeling of weight to the intimate ritual of choosing and wearing a fragrance.

From ideation to application, every ounce and bottle of SIGIL SCENT is suffused with deep intentionality.


Scent Your Intent.™

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"An organic perfume that smells totally unique and will make heads turn..."

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"these fragrances pass the feel-good test as well as the smell-good test..."

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Meet Our

Founder, Patrick Kelly, says:

SIGIL SCENT is natural, but not overly simple. Our fragrances are complex, blended for long wear, and ensconced in beautiful violet glass. From blend to bottle, they are meant to evoke a sense of purpose, of weight and substance.”

Patrick grew up surrounded by powerful plants and aromatics. From citrus trees and herbs to redolent rose bushes, his childhood memories of tending to these precious flora evoke an especially powerful, physical remembrance—a deep connection to love, family and nature.

He adds, “I think it's important we don't lose sight of the tactile, sensorial magic of plants, especially as we grow increasingly connected to our electronics and modern conveniences.”

Read more from Patrick via an interview here.

More Than


SIGIL SCENT creates beautiful, functional, transportive products that help to nurture and stimulate the senses, skin, and mind. 

In a market that's oversaturated—with confusing certifications, green-washed marketing campaigns, and poor product performance—SIGIL SCENT offers a modern, clean, and honest fragrance collection, for those who care equally about product efficacy and purity.


A SIGIL SCENT for every consciousness, mood, and occasion.


Quality + Naturalness + Sustainability


We're always open to new ways we can help make a difference.

As a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, we donate 1% of all sales to Earth-conscious, grassroots nonprofits.

Let us know if you are conducting nonprofit activity for which SIGIL SCENT could be a match.

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